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There is a saying "Do not approach a wounded animal" for it will fight harder, lash out fiercer, and bite deeper. A cornered and wounded animal is twice more dangerous. Desperation allows us to do fantastic, and sometimes terrible things. We can overcome great obstacles and defeat powerful foes, but it also makes it easier for us to cast away our beliefs, honor, and conscience. Desperation can blind us just as it could make us stronger.

But are we strong enough to face its aftermath?

:iconathyra: -  Parts of the first scene was from Vermillion Dance, the first complete blip I have ever written for Yutsu way back in 2011 (wow...) and that's why it's the chapter title,  to commemorate it XD

since I finished my scene back in July Since it's been a while, I don't know to say except when I was beta-ing and rereading the whole chapter, I quite like how it turned out. Its mood is just right, and the darkness of that blue thing can no longer be contained. Of course, it's fun to see that 'harmless blue bunny''s lover unhinge as well :la:

Look forward to more! This is only the beginning~

:iconghikij: - In the last blog, I told everyone that this chapter will be late and I didn't disappoint,  yesh? Well, the lateness still warrants an apology. Sorry for being late. Sadly the only excuse I have is "real life". I've been finding it difficult to write lately, typically because I'm usually too mentally exhausted to put words down on paper. In any case, it did get done... only to lose internet for almost a week. Oh well, the show must go on.

My co-authors are quite evil though and gave me another scene next chapter, so I do wonder when that chapter will be published. Hopefully not next year, that'll just be sad

As far as the scene in this current chapter... even though it took me forever to finish it, I liked how it turned out. Lots of darkness and quite a few questions were left hanging in the air. However, Rui's development seems to be going well (?).

:iconadrenaveris: -  As a reader for this chapter, I get to sit back and see what the adults of the main group do in contrast to the teens. To say it was intense is an understatement... How Rui and Yutsu handle the situation (along with Lyra), is quite different not only because they are more powerful, but also their approach.  

I'll try to finish my part for the next chapter as soon as I can X3;

Progress: In order of scheduled uploads :squee:

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This is a group made for the writers, artists and readers of an original collaboration story, The Bell Keeper. TBK is a tale of a young girl named Sakura Kurama who goes on an epic journey to overcome racism, corruption, and the war that threatens to completely dissolve the peace in Drasgard. Drasgard is a fantasy world that combines the properties of classic fantasy and sci-fi, as well as influences from anime, manga and RPG games.
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Oct 30, 2011


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