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The world, and human nature for that matter, is a giant sea of grey. There are pools of darkness at some place, while shimmering islands of light can be found too if a person looks hard enough. In an ocean of doubt, of neutrality, it is difficult to pick a side, to soundly navigate in the sea of grey.  Yet our instincts will almost always choose our own survival, understandably so, even if that meant the demise of others. We would kill another in order to save ourselves, though we do not know our victim well enough to determine if he or she deserved death. Meekness can sometimes lead to bloodlust this way. We would also kill for our families or other people dear to us because we want to protect them for any harm.

In the end, however, would that have been the right thing to do? Do we have the authority to decide? Does being a defender always mean that we also have to be a killer and a biased judge?

To preserve our own self interests and our lives, these questions would have easy answers, but we step out of our shoes and think... it'll make you wonder.

Is this what being human truly means?

:iconathyra: - I had fun sketching people of the Golden Age. Since they're historical figures, it's hard to showcase them so I'm excited to see their story revealed in this chapter, however briefly. This is also a big chapter for Kura, and as her mom a fellow collaborator, I'm proud of her via my maternal instincts  but! In spite of everything, this is stilljust the beginning of arc4! already finished my scene for the next chap. Yes that's how psyched I am

:iconghikij: - There are so many plot points in this chapter that I don't even know where to begin. Like what Athyra just mentioned, it feels like this is only the true beginning of Arc 4. At this point, I'm not certain if we can fit everything in just five chapters. There are still a lot to cover after all. In any case, this fight has finally set the stage. Things are coming together now and it's time for action! Though I must say that it is going to be a very difficult action, as you'll see when you read Ti32.

I'm also excited about the next chapter. Though since I'm writing assume that it'll be finished late And also Adrena is lying when says that she has no writer's favoritism below. Poor sooty.

Oh and I know that we have been slow in uploads this year and we deeply apologize for that. However, trudging through the adult requires too much time and effort that time we once had for writing have slowly diminished. Fortunately, it has done nothing to our muses so still look forward to future chapters. I'm just saying that we might slow down even further now that we're all juggling timezone differences and full-time jobs. I hate being a grown-up. Really can't blame Rui for being such a sourpuss most of the time because of this. I understand it now

:iconadrenaveris: - This chapter took a while to get down, and lack of time is just one of the factors. As Kura's writer, I feel that this is yet another pivotal point in her character development (the other big one being Tinkle22). Another thing is that a scene in the latter half of the chapter was written way back in 2011 - it's the very first blip I've written for TBK, so that's why I kept the blip's title, "Crimson Promise", as this chapter's title to commemorate that :3 Needless to say, that blip's writing was quite different and the contextual details required revision - in fact, practically the whole scene had to be re-written so that did take time. but I'm still not satisfied with  it… orz

Anyway, I'm psyched for future chapters and see how Kura matures since I've only written one more blip for Kura after this point, and it's way ahead of plot too. The rest of my blips are all Elaine's … no, there's no writer favoritism DDD: Please look forward to the rest of arc4!

Progress: In order of scheduled uploads :squee:

The Bell Keeper- Tinkles

Tinkle 32 - Crimson Promise dA / FictionPress
Tinkle 33 - Vermillion Dance - 50%
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